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How to Mobilize Your Sales Team on Social

A step-by-step guide to ensuring your sales team is adopting Social Selling - Mobilize Your Sales On Social



What is included in this guide:
  • How to Communicate the Value of Social Selling: Tips to Share with Your Sales Leaders
  • Best Practices on Building Online Profiles: What to Include, What Not to Include
  • How to Measure ROI of Social Selling: The Metrics That Will Impress Your Executives  

It's official: Social Selling has become an absolute must-have sales skill.

  • How can you ensure that your sales reps are rocking Social Selling?
  • How can you streamline and supercharge your Social Selling efforts?
  • How do you measure and report the mighty ROI?
  • Discover all the answers and more in the brand new step-by-step guide from People Linx & HubSpot, dedicated to helping your sales team master the art of Social Selling.
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