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How to Increase Your Sales Conversion & Close Rates

Use this free guide and Excel template to start closing more deals. Easily calculate drop-off rates and learn how to increase conversion and close rates.


Complete Sales Prospecting Guide
What is included in this guide:
  • Guide to Improving Conversion Rates
  • Dropoff and Conversion Rate Calculator
  • Monthly & Quarterly Sales Goal Setting Template
  • Deal and MRR Pipeline Tracker




Project deals and revenue with more accuracy.

In sales, dropoff rates are quite telling. They show how likely you'll be able to convert a contact into a lead, an MQL, an opportunity, and – ideally – a customer. 

This dashboard calculates those numbers for you – and everything in between – so you can see what area you need to focus on to close more deals and revenue. 

As an added bonus, we've included a guide on 15 ways to improve your sales conversion rates and decrease dropoff rates every step of the way.