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How to Write the Perfect Email

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This guide includes how to:


  • Determine your goals and the metrics to measure
  • Motivate your audience to open and interact regularly
  • Deliver relevant messages through segmentation
  • Ensure your emails render correctly on mobile screens
  • Run effective A/B tests to maximize engagement
  • Create a step-by-step process for optimization


Reap the positive ROI benefits of email marketing

Email is one form of marketing that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. As one of your brand’s most powerful tools, it’s essential that every email you send is optimized. Maximizing conversions and click-through rates with every email you send is no small task. All of your choices, such as copy and images, will impact your performance metrics. We've put together a detailed guide and checklist that you can reference when crafting your emails. Following these steps will bolster your efforts and encourage brand growth.

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